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Feature: Dogs in American Culture

Quaker (above) is a canine arson investigator serving the City of Charlottesville and surrounding counties in Virginia.

Quaker on

Quaker’s Facebook page: Quaker the Arson Investigator

Click here for more on Quaker on this site

Quaker’s Handler, Operations Battalion Chief & Fire Investigator Chief W. A, says “Trust Your Dog!”

Mission of The Foundation for American Heritage Voices:
to facilitate cultural expression directly, through public events, publications and promotion of artisans; and indirectly through education and health care.

Quaker needs your help to help others.

Quaker needs approximately $4,000 annually for food, maintenance, equipment, gasoline and
re-certification training with travel/lodging to surrounding counties.  Quaker needs a new specially equipped vehicle. We hope  to raise enough money to purchase Quaker a Chevrolet Tahoe.

Adopt Quaker

You may also become an adoptive parent of Quaker by donating $150 or more. All adopting sponsors receive an adoption certificate, photo of Quaker, and invitation to “Adopt a Day” this fall with an opportunity to tour the Fire Station, and meet Quaker in person.

American Heritage Voices is a
501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Quaker on the job.

For more information how you, your school, organization, club or group can become an adoptive parent of Quaker, or to donate, please contact Quaker’s fundraising  non-profit organization, the Foundation for American Heritage Voices,

(434) 974-1506 or email:

Donations of any amount are welcomed.

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